Kitchen Backsplash Tiles

A kitchen remodel not only improves the style and functionality of your kitchen but raises the market value of your Richmond VA home as well. When a full remodel just isn’t in the family budget, however, kitchen backsplash tiles offer you multiple opportunities to achieve grand style in the hard-working room. Left unadorned, the area of wall located between your upper kitchen cabinets and countertop becomes an unsightly catchall for spills and spatters. The right installation of kitchen backsplash tiles Richmond VA adds both style and functionality to the space.

Material Choices for Kitchen Backsplash Tiles

Ceramic, stone and glass backsplash tiles are among the most popular choices for backsplashes. Ceramic tiles are the most affordable and offer the most variety. Glass tiles add a bit of sparkle to your kitchen are available in a broad array of colors, shapes and sizes as well. Stone tiles offer an upscale look that’s ideal for adding an elegant and opulent look to your kitchen. To add a distinctive flair to your backsplash, consider a combination of field tiles and border tiles.

Kitchen Backsplash Style Options

Because a backsplash provides a visual as well as a physical connection between cabinets and countertops, you’ll want to choose a material, color and style that works with both of those kitchen features. Using complementary backsplash tiles can make a small kitchen feel larger and can add unity and harmony to the space. Contrasting materials or colors are ideal when you want to create a strong focal point in the room. Tiles can be arranged into patterns or pictures as well to elevate the visual interest.

Location is another style choice to consider when having a backsplash installed in your Richmond home. Installing the tiles around the full length of the kitchen countertops adds cohesion, giving the space the sense of visual continuity. A limited backsplash installation behind a sink or a range turns those areas in your kitchen into strong focal points.

A tiled backsplash instantly amps up the kitchen’s style factor and helps make kitchen cleanup chores easier as well. As an affordable yet highly effective way to add style and function to the heart of your home, it’s hard to match the appeal of kitchen backsplash tiles Richmond VA.